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Pest Control Training

Pest Control Training

All training programs are of a week period, Residential and full of activities. Every student has to undergo practical as per the need of course contents
Our expertise in the domain of Pesticide Industry empowers us with the strength to provide high quality Pest Control Training to clients pest control professionals, new entrepreneurs, pest control operators. We are able to cater Professional Pest Control Training to numerous people as per the requirements. We are well equipped with necessary equipment to provide highly effective Structural Pest Control Training to respective persons. We have wide knowledge about the precaution that is required while using any insect attractants, growth retardants, Growth Regulators, biological controls and repellents. Besides, we advice about the essential steps that is required while spraying, Dusting, Baiting, Gas Fumigation, Fogging, Repair maintenance of equipments and pest control products in the particular premises. Similarly for other courses all the practicals are conducted.

Eligibility for training : Person with nothing but very strong will-power is eligible for our all training courses.

We provide following 60+ training courses to change the life of farmers

Course Name Content of 5 days Course
Fruit plants Training/ Pruning of Pomegranate, Guava, Grapes, Mango, Santri, Mosambi, Amla and others. Theory and practical classes.
Post-Harvest Harvesting, Sorting, Grading, Cold storage, Pack hs, Packing, labeling, Branding, Marketing, Export, Phyto-cert, Organic cert. Theory and practical classes.
Organic Farming Calendar of operation, Open Practices, Use of traditionalism, Record making, Branding, Labeling, PHT. Theory and practical classes.
Food Processing Search of excess fruit, simple processing, Packing of available & traditional.
Traditional Shevaya, Kurdaya, Chatani,Papad,Khakra, Jam,Jelly, Squash,Pickle, Candy …
Veggie Drying Easily available veggies collection, Drying. Theory and practical classes.
Paste & Pulp 1 Onion, Garlic, Ginger paste making
2 Simple baby pulpier machine work with fruits & preservation techniques
Fruit Gardening Marking, Pit making, Plantation, Irrigation
Nursery 1 Poly bag filling, Tray making, Seedlings, Bed preparation, Sale of seedlings as per season. Theory and practical classes.
Nursery 2 Budding, Grafting, Cutting, Air layering, Shaping. Theory and practical classes.
Shifting Trees Bigger trees transplantation for avenue purpose. Theory and practical classes.
Plant Protection Soil, Poly Hs Fumigation, Spraying, Dusting, Formulations, Do & don’t dos..
Problems in Nursery Field problems solution of technical, non tech ground realities in Poly Hs, shed nets. Theory and practical classes.
Bouquet making Making of Flower arrangements in Bunch for gift . Theory and practical classes.
Bonsai making Keeping controlled growth of plants. Theory and practical classes.
Stage decoration Flower arrangements in open fields for special purpose. Theory and practical classes.
Live wind brakes/fence Use of Natural plants to protect field from wind & creat Natural barrier. Theory and practical classes.
Poly House Technician Training in Poly house for farming from Erection to production. Theory and practical classes.
Hydroponics Fodder growing of maize for Livestock or animals. Theory and practical classes.
Dog Rearing Breeds I’d, Habits, Food, Feed, Health, pest control, Vaccination, care, Training …Record keeping. Theory and practical classes.
Horse Rearing Breeds I’d, Habits, Food, Feed, Health, pest control, Vaccination, care, Training … Record keeping. Theory and practical classes.
Cat rearing Breeds I’d, Habits, Food, Feed, Health, Vaccination, care, Training … Record keeping. Theory and practical classes.
Traditional cows rearing Breeds I’d, Habits, Food, Feed, Health, Vaccination, care, production from cows products. Trainings… Record keeping. Theory and practical classes.
Birds rearing pigeon, Emu, poultry Breeds I’d, Habits, Food, Feed, Health, Vaccination, care, Training … Record keeping. Theory and practical classes.
Rearing Sericulture Breeds I’d, Habits, Food, Feed, Health, Vaccination, care, Training … Record keeping. Theory and practical classes.
Rearing Honey bee, Mashroom Growing of cultures of Apis, Cryptolaemus, EPN, Riduvid bug, Crysoperla, Meat fly for sale. Theory and practical classes.
Repairing Maintenance of Drip, Sprinklers, Plumbing, Electric motor fitting, Head calculation, Poly house repairing, Piping. Theory and practical classes.
Tractor, power tiller practices Tilling repairing, modifications & easy engineering . Theory and practical classes.
Pest Control : Entomology
Plant protection services Spray pumps, types, Uses, water ph, EC, droplet size, Repairing, Bowers, Dusters, HTP, Petrol pumps, Battery pump’s use, Theory and practical classes.
Weed control Wild grass killing with pesticide either selective or non-selective, pre/post emergence. Theory and practical classes.
Seed grain protection Different ways of Seed & grain Fumigation for preservation with traditional technology. Theory and practical classes.
Baits Preparation & use of Gel bait for pest control in House hold & agriculture as well
Soil fumigation Dairy, Poultry, poly house, Sericulture disinfection control. Theory and practical classes.
Fogging General pest control in Poultry, Cow or animal house. Theory and practical classes.
Formulations Knowing %, EC, SC, Technical, WP, w/w, ppm, gas conc for pesticides. Theory and practical classes.
Identification of Insects Pest, predator, parasite defenders, offenders know how. Theory and practical classes.
Rodent controlling Rat controlling programme with practical & Theory.
Snake controlling Control of snakes, Habitat, Biology, I’d, Poisonous-Non-poisonous, Snake Management. Theory and practical classes.
Lab experience of pathology Mfg of low cost Entomopathogenic Bio fungicides..Bb, Ma,Tv,Th,Vl,P…..EPN. Theory and practical classes.
Lab asst course Know how of handling Bio-lab equipment. Theory and practical classes.
Bio-fertilizers Low cost mfg of bio-fertilisers. Theory and practical classes.
Bio-fungicides Low cost mfg of bio- fungicides EPF. Theory and practical classes.
Bio control Agents Mfg of different bio agents. Theory and practical classes.
Agronomy: Medicinal Plants & Ayurveda
Biodiversity Organic farming without pesticides using trap crops, pheromones, baits, alternative to pesticides. Theory and practical classes.
Indian Herbs Rishi Parashar snhita books referals for agri use of herbs as pesticides. Theory and practical classes.
Ayurveda Ayurvedic plants study for product mfg & designing in formulations. Theory and practical classes.
Baba Ramdev Yog Guru Ramdev baba & his CD with study material for slim & healthy body … Theory and practical classes
Entrepreneurship Experience sharing & story telling by Strugglers got successful business today with different practicals
Motivation Lectures My story of Failure: Avinash Salunke & Team of failures…Success.
One day course.
Other Business 1 Plastic welding, Land deals, Land Mark-out, Land calculations, Gardening, Land scaping, Garden contracting, Labour supply.
Other business 2 Medical Labour: Nurse, brother supply to needy after a STP. Supply of skilled people as placement centre from village to urban with id cards.
Learn Meditation in Tourism Tips of weight loss, Yoga, Siddha Samadhi, Sadhana, Vipasyana, Gym, exercise, Organic food, work in farm, stay at Ranch,Bee keeping, Horse riding, Milking…
Entertainment arrangement Maratha songs, powada of Raja Shivaji, Bharuds of Maratha, camp-Fire-dance, Swimming, Hunting, climbing, Jungle stay.
Personality, Manners training Drivers, Waitress, Bartenders, Gardeners, Housekeeping workers, Hs servicemen, Farm house workers, Watchman, Phone manners
Tourism arrangement Tele talking, Office handling, Manners, Open field works, Inside house works, Food choice, kitchen works, Safety, Hazards.
Indian Maratha style of Tourism experience Hut making, drawing warli, Mud-Pot making, Cow milking, Cage hunting, Chicken slaughtering, Food preparation, Serving in Maratha style
Maratha Style of food & wearing arrangement Food preparations pooran poli, Thaipith, Zunka- bhakar, Baigan bharta, Aamti, Sea- food dishes.
Wearing different styles of sarees,Feta, pagdi, Dhotars, Tradional Dresses.
Learning Maratha Farmers Weapon, Implements training, Exercises, Malla-khamb, Sports of Maratha, Kabaddi, Kusti, Lathi- Kathi, Danpatta, Talwarbaji. Fitness programme.
Allied Business : Opportunity
Vermicomposting Use of waste for bio-fertilizers theory & practical
Farm House Services Jobs of farm house, Inside- out-side responsibilities, works, Veggies procurements, Non veg purchase, Housekeeping, food safety, Plumbing, Electric works, Pest control, weed control, Local marketing, Sale-purchase accounting, Record keeping.
Kitchen Gardening Independent Growing of different veggies, medicinal plants for farm house kitchen, rearing chicken, growing fruit plants, Daily needful production in lonely land or Farm houses.

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