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Pest Control Training

Pest Control Training

All training programs are of a week period, Residential and full of activities. Every student has to undergo practical as per the need of course contents
Our expertise in the domain of Pesticide Industry empowers us with the strength to provide high quality Pest Control Training to clients pest control professionals, new entrepreneurs, pest control operators. We are able to cater Professional Pest Control Training to numerous people as per the requirements. We are well equipped with necessary equipment to provide highly effective Structural Pest Control Training to respective persons. We have wide knowledge about the precaution that is required while using any insect attractants, growth retardants, Growth Regulators, biological controls and repellents. Besides, we advice about the essential steps that is required while spraying, Dusting, Baiting, Gas Fumigation, Fogging, Repair maintenance of equipments and pest control products in the particular premises. Similarly for other courses all the practicals are conducted.

Eligibility for training : Person with nothing but very strong will-power is eligible for our all training courses.

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