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Hydroponics Training

Hydroponics Training

Our Aim :

  • Our Mission is to promote farming and landscaping in “Homes & Small Communities” in urban societies and our Second Mission is to identify & promote potential horticultural projects (including plantations) as lucrative investment vehicle for long term returns
  • Our First Vision is to see “SELF-SUFFICIENCY” in basic vegetables, culinary & medicinal herbs, flowers, fruits, food & ornamental plants in all homes & urban communities around the world.
  • Our Second Vision is to see “HAPPY & ENVIRONMENT- FRIENDLY FAMILY LIFE” in all homes, residential communities, clubs, resorts and urban communities around the world.
  • Our Third Vision is to see environment-friendly recycling projects using various kinds of pre and post harvest waste materials generated by horticultural industries including homes, plantations, orchards and food processing industries.

Knowledge provided in our training courses under Low Cost Hydroponics : We as school and company aggressively promotes & manages horticultural projects through :

  • Hydroponic farming
  • Organic farming
  • Home farming
  • Small community and rooftop farming
  • Landscaping, gardening, ponds, fountains, greenhouses & irrigation systems
  • Aquaponics & planted tanks
  • Rental & maintenance of potted plants for offices and special functions, plantations & resorts for investment companies
  • Lectures, small group seminars, workshops and training sessions
  • Tree health certification for town planners, developers & outdoor sports centers
  • Regional & international conferences & exhibitions on soilless culture

We helps schools, colleges and tertiary institutions have “Hydroponic Farms” and “Organic Farms” – an innovative and an interactive concept that nurtures creative minds and cultivates an intellectually challenging learning environment for talented minds with diverse expectations from research to entrepreneurship. We helps families, small and big entrepreneurs and corporations establish “Hydroponic Farms” and “Organic Farms” – an innovative and environment-friendly farming concept that nurtures healthy lifestyle by growing and supplying all kinds of plants – vegetables & culinary herbs, flowers & other ornamental plants, fruits & plantation crops, food & fodder crops, medicinal plants, etc. in any place, irrespective of climate and soil conditions.

We helps in the maintenance of gardens & landscapes in homes, clubs, condominiums, public buildings, schools, colleges and tertiary institutions with an excellent team of trained and self-motivated gardeners. We helps to identify lucrative and healthy plantations, orchards, resorts and other similar agriculture or horticultural businesses around the world for possible acquisition and subsequent management for capital investment companies with an excellent team of self-motivated staff.