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Fruit Fly Attractant

Our company stands tall among the victorious Suppliers of Fruit Fly Attractant and offers the most lucrative deals to the customers. The range we offer to the customers are stringently packed and delivered as per the customers' requirement and convenience.


How to Use Fruit fly lure block :

  • Open the pouch, you find two lure Silver blocks. Silver block market with M has melon fly (Ducus cucurbitae) luring. Another F has Mango fly (Ducus dorsalis) attractant.
  • Place the lure-block in garden areas either hanging in any open mouth bottle or on ground. Thos block attract the files to die.
  • Attracted pest will feed upon attractant based food bait to die.
  • Next day you will find some fruit flies dull, quiet, calm (you can collect them to throw outside of your garden) & many gathering from areas to get trapped in the lure bottle.
  • Now with these block you will be free from fruit fly for  8-15 days. Later you can replace the blocks.
  • Bio-synthesized pheromones fascinate migration of insect  to trap lure block site. Your place will be pest free in moments.Use complete dose of material at once and use appropriate dose for 100% result.

How to Use Fruit fly  :

  • We offer a wide range of fruit fly bait having the composition of methyl eugenol. These fly bait is useful for the fruits such as Mango, Sapota, Chilli, Anola, Santri, Mosambi, Pomogranate, Bitter goard, Ridge gourd, Soft goard, Water Melon, Musk Melon, Cucumber, Papaya, Custard apple, Tomoto, Bringle etc. vegetable crops.Available in the 25 ml container, our range of fruit fly kill can be used by the following application method :
  • Take 3ml. fruit fly kill on a cotton piece.
  • Take 3ml. of DDVP on another cotton piece.
  • Put above both material in bowl.
  • Tie/place bowl in garden/ Horticulture area.
  • Fruit fly will get attracted & will die.
  • Change fruit fly kill cotton after 8 days.
  • Change DDVP cotton piece daily.

Doses :

  • Fruit Fly Lure Bait - 6 Blocks per Acre
  • Fruit Fly - 6 Cotton Balls per Acre


Application Home, Hotels
Color Red And Shiny
Feature Good For Health, Good For Nutritions, Non Harmful
Maturity 100 %
Features Perfect finish, Accurate size, Excellent strength
Trap Type Fruit fly